Electric power cables are made up of conductors that regulate electricity flow and insulator to give maximum surge protection. Power cables can be quickly connected with devices like computer, printers etc having a three-pinged female connection to facilitate communication. These are standard cable wires that are easily available in your home and installed everywhere like offices, industries etc. In the same way, it can be used for your computer available at your home.

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Whenever you are using electric power cables along with your computer make sure that they are attached with surge protector to avoid unwanted power shocks or accidents. Expert advice you to buy special power cable designed for computer only that can give 100 percent efficiency and satisfactory results. Special electric power cables will handle computer power and it would give a concise connection to surge protector as well. Power cables can be utilized with laptops as well.


Other most popular type of electric power cables to consider is USB extension cables. However, extension cables are available with most of the electronic devices yet they are not so useful and too short in length. Best idea is to buy extension cables from leading manufacturers in the industry to increase usability of your equipments. The most common size for extension cables available in market is 9m. This can be availed in custom specifications based on project needs and requirements.

Essential components of an electric power cable

Conductor – This is the device responsible for actual flow of current and different materials can be utilized as conductor based on multiple project requirements.

Insulation – One extra polymer layer is added on conductor to give maximum insulation and protection against harsh environmental conditions. The insulated material is completely chemical and corrosion resistant.

Metal protection – Metal protection is required to insulate the electric signals and to protect it against external interferences. The most common metal protection devices are screens and armors.


Outer Sheath – Most of the cables have outer sheath layer that is made up of polymeric material to give extra protection and dominant insulation.

To know more on electric power cables, their dimensions and custom specifications, contact experts now.

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