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Power cable manufacturers guide to troubleshoot power supply issues

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It becomes a challenging job to diagnose power supply issues if you don’t know what to do. Power cable manufacturers bring some suggestions that will help you in quickly spotting the faulty supply and replacing it. Read further and know how it is done.


Power supply plays integral role in routine life. A bad power supply can bring lots of issues. Experienced and qualified professionals can assist you in diagnosing issues caused by a faulty power supply that would usually be overlooked by a new person.

This article will explain how to diagnose a faulty supply and how to replace the defective unit.


What are the symptoms of defective supply?

A faulty power supply can bring any intermittent problem. Here are some common symptoms that include-

  • Any power-on or system startup failures or lockup
  • Intermittent parity check
  • other memory type errors
  • Spontaneous rebooting or intermittent lockups during normal operation
  • Overheating due to fan failure
  • Fan and HDD simultaneously failing to rotate
  • Small brownouts that cause the system to restart
  • Electric shocks felt while touching

Other than these symptoms, there are some more hints that should lead you to suspect a faulty power supply. The list includes-

  1. A system that is completely dead
  2. Circuit breakers popping when the PC is switched on
  3. Smoke

Measuring the output voltage is among simplest tests

Measuring the output voltage will show whether the supply is operating in right way and if the supplied voltage is under proper tolerance range.


It is advisable that a novice should not open the power supply cover. Even if the supply is unplugged, it is considered to be dangerous. Capacitors can maintain a line voltage charge for a specific time period. If you don’t know about the things, do not involve.

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