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Power Cable Manufacturers Bring Useful Tips for Tidy Computer Desk

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Nothing annoys more than the cluttering of the power cables. In this article, power cables manufacturers bring useful tips to make your computer desk tidy and clutter free. As it is easy to cover up your messy cable collection using a closed box, the story for your computer cables that undergoes the table is completely different. You can try to vacuum the tangled cables to remove the collected dust from them or else remove every cable out from the mess.


You should be happy as you are using internet technology that offers great ways to organize and clean up the cable monsters residing under the table.

You can use binder clips, punchers, plastic cards, power strips, scissors, double sided tape and bread clips.


Binder clips can be used to hold the cables. If your desk top is thick enough, you may require binder clips to hold the audio and LAN cable. You can use them to hold any other cable that tends to slip off the computer desk if not connected to a device.

Old plastic cards or expired ATMs can be used as cable organizers.

In case you don’t have any paper clips in hand, you can use your expired credit or debit ATM card. You will require puncher, scissor and a card. Punch few holes into the card, cut into the hole from the edge and inject your cable. This technique will also help in keeping your cables from falling off your computer desk.


Double sided tape for mounting power strips

If your cable modem is light in weight and you don’t wish to mount it on the wall, you can try sticking it to your desk with the help of double-sided tape. In case you wish to mount the power strip upside down to the desk bottom, you can instead use Velcro. It will allow you to remove the power strip easily when you are need of better access. It is also durable option than the double sided tape.


Bread clips for organizing and labeling cables

In case you have a lot of cables, then you can keep them apart by labeling them with bread clips. Even if you own any music production house, you can use these tips to organize the cables at your place.


Don’t forget to give credits to power cable manufacturers for sharing these great tips.

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