USB cables are not new to anyone who knows least about electric devices. These facilitate faster and secure data between in between any two electronic devices that have a USB slot each.

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USB cables are used for almost any kind of data transfer in between two digital devices, be it cameras to computer or hard drives to computer or anything for that matter. Only issue with general USB cables is that they are shorter in length as the shorter they are, the better they work. They tend to lose their performance when increased in length.


However, to ease you from USB issues, here is a write up on how to easily extend your USB cables. The two easily and happy solutions for your USB extension issues are Passive USB extension and Active USB extension.

Passive USB Extension

The easiest and relatively cheapest way to extend your USB cable is to just walk into a electronic store and buy a basic extension cable. Buy an extension cable that has female and male connectors to it. Bring it home and simply link it to the cable you want to extend and that’s all! Your USB extension cable will help you get your work done in a very cheap and easiest way.

Now, though it is a cheap and best option, you must know about some techniques or rules on which these passive USB extension cables work on. The USB extension cables, especially the passive ones can transfer data from 16 feet length. And if it is over that, you might need something else for you to get some reliability.

Active USB Extension

Unlike the passive extension cables, the active ones work based on the 1-port hub logic. They are good at buffering signals that pass through the USB cable assuring good signal quality. These active ones can carry signals to further lengths as compared to the passive ones which can carry only up to around 16 feet.


Now, these are reliable, effective and consistent cables, but are a bit expensive of course as they do a lot more better job than the passives. The active USB extension cables can transfer data up to around 30-50 feet easily and there are even more better ones that can carry signals up to 100 feet. So depending upon your requirement, you may choose to buy whichever suits your need appropriately.

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